Copenhagen trying out a 4-days work week

By: Rosa Ingemarsson

Copenhagen’s government, Borgerrepræsentation, is following a global trend by experimenting with a condensed workweek for some municipal employees.

Copenhagen City Hall
Photo: Rosa Ingemarsson

Under the proposal, a four-day workweek would be implemented without reducing total work hours, meaning that the standard 37 hours of work would be spread over four rather than five days. 

The city government’s residents’ council, borgerrepræsentation, presented and voted in favor of the proposal, which is subject to majority acceptance as part of next year’s budget to be finalized in the autumn.

The experiment is expected to begin next year and may continue until 2025, although the selection process for participating workers has yet to be determined. Copenhagen’s economic department states in an email that “The administrations’ collaboration committee must discuss the Citizens’ Representation’s decision and the process for selecting the workplaces to be included in the experiment. After that, specific workplaces that want to participate in the trials will be selected.”

So, what do the Copenhagers feel about it?

Hear some voices from the local Copenhagers about the proposal.